Beyond sharing quality products with animals and their human, Ginger and Bear believes in giving back. We support shelters, Causes for Animals and Animal Lovers League.

Much can be done to improving the manner in which animals are treated in the Singapore society, from legislation and education to more micro aspects such as contributing in physical and monetary efforts to animal rescue and spreading the word to people near us. Views and voices have been heard on behalf of the animals. While we wait for a more tolerant and caring society to evolve, everyone can act now and contribute in their own ways.

We want to share through our blog and on this page, more information on rescue and adoption. While we have our furry family members, we remember those still waiting for good homes and on the streets, fighting for their everyday survival.

Find quality goods that give back!


Shelter dog, what can I do?

I want so much to rescue you

Thrown away without a care

Will anyone notice if you are not there?

Shelter dog, don't look at me

With eyes that beg, Please rescue me

it hurts so much to look at you

I have no room, what can I do?

But live is too short to pass love by

I'll give you a home, you will not die

So hop in my car and we'll go for a ride

And for the rest of your life, you will be by my side.



 In rescuing animals, I lost my mind but found my soul..